Video Snack 03

Sunday 11.02.2014 | 6:30pm

Amidst quickly and endlessly switching pages, tabs, boxes and channels, can the sustained pause of a video help us to alleviate our psychological struggles? To what extent does the act of both making and watching a video grant us a fresh perspective on life?
Video Snack 3 is a loose meditation on video as a therapeutic device and showcases work that is both diagnostic and remedial. Consistent with past screenings, this installment of Video Snack features both found and original works under two minutes (00:00:06–00:02:00) in length. No works will be reproduced online.

Arthur Brum
Cheon Pyo Lee
Rachel Archibald
Johannes De Young
Rebecca Baldwin
Eva Papamargariti
Katie Vida
Meriem Bennani
Shira Inbar
Alfred Lenz
Traci Tullius
Tommy Kha
Al Freeman
Jacobus Capone
Danny Wild
Mahan Shirazi
Zeinab Shahadi
Florian Meisenberg
Amanda Bonaiuto
Manal Abu Shaheen
Anne Glassner
Caroline Wells Chandler
Shahriar Shahamat
Nate Heiges
Golnaz Esmaili
Ahrong Han
Kristian Henson