Sunday Session

Underground: an indefinite community?

Sunday 12.14.2014 | 1pm

In an effort to concentrate ideas about creative control, intimacy, and alternative methodologies, this series of events will raise questions about sustenance and sustainability for what is elemental to artistic communities. Fittingly, ALLGOLD will introduce itself as a question of value in this context, with every intention of challenging declared standards and leaving the floor open for alternative possibilities. The day features live sound and music performances, talks, and visuals by those deeply invested in alternatives to mainstream methodologies.
The day will include a live performance and discussion by Detroit based musical collective Underground Resistance. Performances from Gen Ken Montgomery (Generations Unlimited)/Light Enchantress/Sean Julian and Charles Cohen with visuals by Benton C Bainbridge.
A discussion about underground platforms with Sohrab Mohebbi (Redcat In LA) and Danna Vajda. The volunteers of Spectacle Theater (Brooklyn) will present various video works and a special edit of Aggrobatics with a live score. The event continues in the Print Shop with performances by Arcane Device, Unguent and Tommy Birchett.

ALLGOLD residents