AVANT.org presents: SONIC RESEARCH: Psychoacoustics Session I

Seth Cluett, Ron Kuivila, Sophie Landres, C. Lavender, Josh Millrod, Suzanne Dikker, A.K. Burns, Jules Gimbrone

Saturday 05.30.2015 | 4-10pm | $10

Sonic Research is a recurring program series that couples emerging sonic art practices with contemporary acoustic research. For this event, Psychoacoustics Session I, Avant.org present diverse perspectives on research into the maturing field of psychoacoustics by taking sonic cognition as a framework for delineating common aesthetic and epistemic modes of creation and interpretation of aural experience. This program features an evening of curated installations, artist talks, and performances that, together, characterize aural cognition as a domain of consonant artistic and scientific investigation. The program is conceived as an experimental symposium on contemporary sound and its apprehension, and will offer contributions by sound artists, musicians, and researchers.

Psychoacoustics Session I is foregrounded by a rich history of sonic experimentation as an instrument of somatic research. The connection between sound and body has long been the fascination of sound artists, who have explored sound as a discursive medium for over six decades. However, the primary concern of such engagements has been with spatialization, where terms like sound sculpture and sound installation are used to isolate sound in material space. In contrast, this program will employ psychoacoustics as a paradigm for creating and understanding sonic art, situating sound within both body and mind. Contributors will consider sound beyond its spatiality, expanding upon sonic art, and its comprehension, as physiologic, psychologic, and physio-lingual material.