Migrant Made, Made Migrant: Producing Migrant Labor in the US

Christhian Diaz & Martin Cobián

Friday 02.20 | 6:30pm

A recognition and appreciation of the complex connections and life histories surrounding the production of immigrants as purveyors of social well-being.

Immigrant labor is as indispensable to life in NYC as the subway system and the electricity that powers it. Everything we consume in NYC - from food to art spaces across the city - has been touched by the labor of migrants. In a series of presentations and appreciations we will look at the work of those who work, and expand the geography of the histories that are written in restaurant kitchens, construction sites, overnight art installations, and late-hour office shifts. We are seeking to trace a series of US-made historical, global, economic and cultural assemblages–migrant-producing machines–which throughout the last 2 centuries have produced and profited from migrant labor.