Release Party/Octophonic CONcert/Gen Ken's Super Group

Sunday 05.31.2015 | 7pm

We're celebrating the release of two new Generations Unlimited Cassettes (Magnetic Beauty by If, Bwana and Stepping Through Rooms by Gen Ken) with a night of octophonic music. And Gen Ken's Super Group (It's like 8-Track Magic without the 8-Tracks). Prepare for SUPER MAGIC.

Musicians: Dominick Boyle, Linda Aubry Bullock, Mike Bullock, Steve Dalachinsky, Bradley Eros, Michael Evans, Dan Joseph, Sean Julian, Sean Meehan, Ben Owen, Chris Penalosa, Lary Seven, Taketo Shimada

Visuals by: Bradley Eros & Sean Julian

Dance by: Andrea, The Enchantress of Bioluminosity