STUD1NT, GENG, Abby, Ciarra Black, Quaco

Saturday 03.07.2015 | 10pm

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Mask Magazine
Desiring Machine Soundsystem
Can't Touch This NYC

"No law-abiding citizen would willingly put themselves in a situation where they were being disoriented by soundwaves in an illegal assembly."
— New York City Police Department Special Operations Unit Disorder Control Unit Manual

This is a powerful warning tone, or a non-verbal challenge. This is an area-of-effect weapon. It does not affect just one person. The sound can shape the behavior of potential threats. The superior intelligibility and clarity of LRAD provides a directional audio broadcast that can safely communicate far beyond standoff distances. Operators have the ability to issue clear audio commands followed with powerful deterrent tones to enhance response capabilities.
LRAD is an attempt to envision a sonic weapon of our own.