generations unlimited relaunch

Saturdays & Sundays 12.06.2014–12.21.2014

The artist-run experimental sound label Generations Unlimited is relaunching. After nearly two decades since its first release, the label will be releasing cassettes from its back catalogue in addition to new material from emerging and veteran artists. The label will have a temporary pop-up shop at the MoMAPS1 Print Shop hosted by the artist run establishment, ALLGOLD. To celebrate the relaunch, a series of performances, sound installations and artwork will happen at the Print Shop and at the MoMA PS1 VW Dome. A limited quantity of cassettes will be made available to listen and purchase


Week 1

Saturday 12.06 & Sunday 12.07.2014

feat. Lamination Ritual, Chris Penalosa, The Sons of God (Leif Elggren & Kent Tankred), Kevin Beasley, Jeanne Liotta/Ken Montgomery, The Modular Slideshow (Sean Julian & Chris Penalosa), G. Lucas Crane


Week 2

Saturday 12.13 & Sunday 12.14.2014

feat. Chester Hawkins, Ryder Cooley, J.Surak, Charles Cohen, The Enchantress of Bioluminosity, Sean Julian, Arcane Device, Unguent and Tommy Birchet


Week 3

Saturday 12.20 & Sunday 12.21.2014

feat. Naval Cassidy, If,Bwana, Oblaat, Daren Ho, Michael Evans, Barry Weisblat and Lary 7